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Enhance your vascular system by increasing blood circulation and lowering your blood pressure.

One of the best natural and organic Glucose Assist products, uniquely formulated Yoxa Glucose Assist helps to maintain even blood sugar levels.

The Yoxa Glucose Assist supplement is made from a unique blend of flour from the pods of the Prosopis tree, which grows in the harsh, arid Northern Cape Province. It is the only 100% natural and organic product for maintaining even blood sugar levels, making it an ideal diabetic supplement with no side-effects.

Who can Use Yoxa Glucose Assist?

  • Type 2 Diabetics 
  • Those seeking to lose weight 
  • PCOS Sufferers
  • Those suffering from Low Blood Sugar
  • Those with ADHD
  • Pregnant Women
  • Children


Yoxa Glucose Assist is 100% organic & natural and works in a unique way by slowing down the absorption of glucose from the food you eat by up to 43%.

In other words, Yoxa Glucose Assist reduces the GI of the food you eat by up to 43%.


  • Vegan
  • Lactose-Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • USDA Organic
  • Wild Harvest Organic

Benefits of Yoxa Glucose Assist

  • Helps to maintain even blood sugar levels.
  • Keep you more satisfied after a meal, which means that the same meal can take you much further and cause you to eat less, which can help with natural weight loss.
  • Helps to control cravings.
  • Helps to keep energy levels constant.
  • Evens blood sugar levels, which can help to prevent diabetic health complications.

Dosage & Directions for Use

Research has shown that you need to take 2 caplets (tablets in the form of capsules) with each meal to maintain optimal blood sugar levels. Thus, 2 Caplets x 3 meals = 6 Caplets per day. Children younger than 5 years of age can take only take 1 caplet per meal. (3 per day) Note: Always take the product with food. Also, you cannot overdose on the product.

Who can Use it?
• Type 2 Diabetics

This product can successfully help to maintain even blood sugar levels. Normal blood sugar levels can prevent diabetic health complications making it one of the best diabetic supplements. 

Those seeking to lose weight

Consuming too many calories is the major cause of overweight. Unbalanced blood glucose levels are the single most important factor for over eating. By eating the wrong types of food, blood glucose levels rise too quickly and drop just as fast, causing you to be hungry again. Food cravings are directly related to unbalanced blood glucose levels. Stable blood glucose levels help to control food cravings and suppress appetite, causing you to eat less.

• PCOS Sufferers

Polycystic ovary syndrome and syndrome X are frequently found together, which makes it important to understand this common problem. Because PCOS is now recognized as a risk factor for developing diabetes, it is recommended that women with the disease be routinely screened so that syndrome X can be found early, and treatment can be initiated earlier. This product can help to maintain even blood glucose levels.

• People with High Cholesterol

High blood sugar is a risk factor for high LDL cholesterol and low H

Increase your blood flow and feel good again with Yoxa Blood Flow Assist. This formulation is of the highest quality natural & organic ingredients and was specifically designed to improve your vascular system.

Benefits of Yoxa Blood Flow Assist

  • micro-capillary blood flow (ie, promoting blood circulation in the fine veins)
  • reduction of undesirable blood lipid(fat) levels
  • dissolving of lipid(fat) deposits in arteries

Restore your Blood Circulation

Using botanical and herbal medicine, such as Yoxa Blood Flow Assist, as an approach to promote healthy blood circulation has been steadily increasing, possibly because of the adverse effects associated with the use of chemical medication.



  • Natural and organic
  • Manufactured in NSF CGMP Facility
  • 100% free of additives
  • Soy, wheat, dairy FREE
  • Vegetarian
  • Diabetic Friendly
  • One year guaranteed shelf life


Yoxa Blood Flow Assist increases micro-capillary blood flow. May also decrease unwanted blood lipid levels and dissolve lipid deposits in arteries.

The different ingredients work in a synergistic manner to improve blood flow.


Only if allergic to ingredients

Pregnancy and lactation

Dosage & Directions for Use

2 to 3 Capsules in the morning with food


FREE from ALL major potential allergens and is free of ANY additives. If you look at the ingredients below, you can see why this product is formulated for ultimate enhancement of the vascular system. We only use 3 ingredients in the product to get the highest effect from each individual ingredient.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Ginkgo seems to improve blood circulation, which might help the brain, eyes, ears, and legs function better.


L-arginine relax and open your arteries, which might help lower blood pressure.


L-citrulline boosts nitric oxide production in the body. Nitric oxide helps your arteries relax and work better, which improves blood flow throughout your body.


The caffeine present in Guarana stimulates the circulation of blood

DL cholesterol levels, according to the Mayo Clinic. Diabetes raises your risk of bad cholesterol readings, especially when the disease is uncontrolled, and your blood sugar is habitually high. High glucose levels in the blood also damage your artery linings. Even blood sugar levels are very important to prevent high cholesterol.

• Those suffering from Low Blood Sugar

Low Blood Sugar (hypoglycemia) can happen for several reasons, including diet, some medications and conditions, and exercise. Keeping your blood glucose levels stable with this supplement can help to prevent a sharp drop in blood glucose levels.

• Those with ADHD

A child can concentrate and behave better at school, and an adult can make it through that long morning meeting with stable blood glucose levels. Low GI foods (protein and complex carbohydrates) are the ideal food for a person with ADHD. Therefore, the Yoxa Glucose Assist supplement is the ideal supplement, because it helps to maintain even blood sugar levels.

• Pregnant/Breastfeeding Woman

Pregnant and breastfeeding women with diabetes cannot take medication to control their blood sugar levels. The Yoxa Glucose Assist supplement is one of the few natural products which is 100% safe and beneficial for mother and child during pregnancy and while breast feeding.

• Children

Children as young as 2 years old can start to use the Yoxa Glucose Assist supplement because it is 100% safe and regarded as a whole food.

How safe is it?
After the milling process, the flour is analysed by an independent microbiology laboratory and also tested for any toxic materials, like aflatoxins. The final product is manufactured in a GMP pharmaceutical facility, again tested for safety, effectiveness and stability. All products are packed in HDPE containers and sealed for your safety.


  • Made in South Africa
  • GMP Quality Standards
  • Pure grade materials All tested for purity
  • MCC Nappi Code 705846-002
  • Endorsed by GI Foundation
  • Diabetic Friendly


Can I use it with my current medication?
The Yoxa Glucose Assist supplement is one of the few supplements which can be used in conjunction with any other medication without intervention or side effects. You can use the product with your current diabetic medication, but need to monitor your blood glucose levels carefully, because the levels can drop too low. When levels do drop, please consult with your medical practitioner to adjust your diabetic medication if needed. 


Yoxa Glucose Assist is a dietary supplement and not a medicine.


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