Become a Yoxa Health Independent Distributor

Yoxa Distributor

The Yoxa Tribe has come up with a way for you as an individual to take the opportunity to become a Yoxa Health Independent Distributor.

Anyone 18 years and older may apply.

    • Have a passion for improving the lives of family, friends and your local community.
    • A genuine interest in health and wellness.
    • People Skills.
    • Know your Yoxa Health products. (We’ll assist you with this)

If you possess these personality traits you could be starting your own business.

Start your own business

    • Yoxa Health offers you a way to have your own business with little to no start-up fees.
    • You choose which products you want to sell. No joining fees.
    • Start to sell Yoxa Health products to your family, friends and colleagues.
    • Yoxa Health will provide you with continues support and product knowledge.
    • Spread the word - It’s important to let your family and friends now you’re now selling Yoxa Health Products. Let them know what works for you and share the health benefits. Word-Of-Mouth is the BEST marketing tool.
    • You can sell anywhere you like, no area restrictions.
    • No need to keep stock.
    • No warehouse collections. Delivery to your home or office.
    • Become financial independence, be your own boss and work flexible hours. 

How does it work?

There are 3 ways you can create your income:

    1. Through your Referral Link (Get 10% commission on all purchases )
      Refer your friends using the link provided to you and earn commissions on purchases made by them.
    2. Coupon Code (You can use this code to give your clients 5% discount)
      Share your coupon code with others. For every purchase someone makes using your coupon code, you get your 10% commission.
    3. Personal Discount 
      Use your personal coupon code for your personal purchases to receive discounts on your order. You can then resell these at the recommended Yoxa retail price or for more – putting cash profits directly in your pocket, no waiting. 

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This offer is only available in South Africa