5 Weight loss myths busted!

5 Weight loss myths busted!

Almost everywhere you look, be it in a magazine, on Facebook, Pinterest, or anywhere else, you will see articles advertising ridiculous weight loss hacks that claim to help you lose weight in an unrealistic amount of time. Many people try these hacks – to no avail – and keep trying others to lose weight in a short amount of time using the least amount of effort. Even more articles, most which are written by people who aren’t qualified to give health advice to a hamster, least of all a human being, instruct you on which exercises will benefit you the most, which will benefit you the least, and which will help you “Get that booty you’ve always wanted.” 

The unfortunate thing is, there are so many differing opinions and advice out there trying to tell you the best way to lose weight (most which are fake or extremely misinformed and highly damaging to your health) that you really have to be careful about whose advice you take. 

It’s for these reasons that we have decided to finally put to rest the most popular myths concerning weight loss so that you don’t get caught in a trap of spending huge amounts of money on placebo treatments or taking the advice of an uninformed “expert”.

Myth 1: You need to avoid all fats to lose weight

Actually, you do not have to avoid all fats and actually should not. Fats provide the essential nutrients your body needs and plays an important part in a healthy eating plan. However, fats have more calories than protein or carbohydrates, so you need to limit fats in order to avoid any extra unnecessary calories. If you want to lose weight, make sure what you eat contains healthy fats and that you eat it in small amounts. Foods containing healthy fats: nuts, olives, and avocadoes. Also, try cutting back on solid-fat foods such as butter, and replace them with healthier alternatives, such as olive oil.

Myth 2: Lifting weights will make you bulk up instead of lose weight

The fact is, only intense strength training can build up large muscle. Lifting weights or doing other activities a few times a week, such as push-ups and certain kinds of yoga, will help you build strong muscles, not bulk you up. Like other kinds of physical activities, muscle-strengthening activities will improve your health and also help you control your weight by increasing the amount of muscles that help you burn energy. You can also build strong muscles by using resistance bands, doing sit-ups, or doing things around the house such as lifting or digging.

Myth 3: Snacking will make you put on more weight

The best news you’ll hear today is that you don’t need to starve – and should actually avoid doing so – to lose weight. Having snacks in between meals may actually help you lose weight, as you won’t be as hungry. This means you will eat less later in the day and it will stop your urge to binge or overeat later. 

The reason snacking has gotten such a bad rap in the past is because people tend to snack on the wrong things, such as chips, chocolate, sweets and cookies – all fattening with little to no nutritional value.

The good news is snacking is a good way to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet. Instead of scarfing an entire bag of chips, rather have moderate amounts of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Use snacks as a way to get your daily dose of a healthy food you don’t usually eat.

Myth 4: All carbs are bad

It is a total myth that all carbohydrates are bad, but keep in mind that not all carbs are created equal, and you want to avoid processed carbs that are high in sugar and white flour. Rather enjoy beans and whole grains (such as brown rice and whole grain breads).

The body uses carbs as fuel during exercise to burn fat, so keeping carbs on the menu may actually be beneficial to your weight loss journey.

Myth 5: You have to give up fast food

Lucky for you, fast food doesn’t have to become a thing of the past when you go on your weight loss journey, you just have to be smarter about it. Instead of getting a massive burger, fries and a coke, rather go for a salad, choose grilled chicken over fried, keep the salad dressing and sauce to a minimum, and try and skip the extra salt packets. Losing weight shouldn’t be your main goal, your goal should be to lose weight in the healthiest manner possible, while still enjoying life.

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We hope we have finally cleared these myths up for you and given you some advice so that you can make more informed choices in the future. You are part of the Yoxa Health Tribe, and we are here to guide you on the healthiest path to weight loss.